Sep 13, 2012

Secrets of the sea Photos Are The Rare Giant Sea Animals In The Depth In Ocean

These fascinating underwater pictures reveal the full dazzling spectrum of life deep under the ocean.

The awe-inspiring photographs taken by Bob Cranston include a close encounter with a rare giant jellyfish that is twice the size of a fully grown man and a shimmering image of a five-foot-long jumbo Humboldt squid.

His collection also includes amazing pictures of an inquisitive northern elephant seal bull – which grows up to 14 feet in length – and the extremely rare southern right whale.

Dangers of the deep: The giant pelagic jellyfish grows to twice the size of a fully grown man with a nasty sting in its tentacles

Wondrous sight: Juvenile fish shelter among tentacles of a giant pelagic jellyfish, Channel Islands, California, East Pacific Ocean

Glowing creature: A diver and a jumbo or Humboldt squid at night in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico, Pacific Ocean

Blue moon: A northern elephant seal bull, in kelp forest, California, East Pacific Ocean

Strange images: A rare southern right whale with divers, Patagonia, Argentina, South Atlantic

Years of exploration: A black or giant pelagic jellyfish, Chrysaora achlyos, drifts over reef and is attacked by Garibaldi in the Channel Islands, California

Speaking from his home in California, Mr Cranston recalled his incredible encounter with the terrifying-looking pelagic jellyfish, or Chrysaora achlyos.

He had been diving in the Pacific Ocean off the Los Coronados Islands, near Mexico, when he stumbled across a group of the monster stingers by accident.

He admitted he and diving friend Howard Hall, 58, who can be seen in the picture, got a little too close for comfort – and suffered a sting as a result.

He said: ‘These are wonderful, big, colourful jellyfish.

‘We dived with them for around two hours until we had no more air in our tanks.

‘They are very rare, appearing near California only every ten years, and scientists were surprised and happy to see our photographs.’

He added: ‘We were all very happy to get these rare photographs but sorry to discover they have a painful sting in their tentacles.

‘There were many jellyfish and three divers in the water that day – we got stung.‘source


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