Sep 21, 2012

pets taking the plunge with their underwater antics

With a look of steely determination, these pets perfect their doggy paddle as they dive head first into a swimming pool to retrieve their beloved ball.Anyone with a dog will know the lengths it will go to fetch something thrown for it. And these heart-warming images show nothing stands in their way – not even water.

These canine warriors pounce into the pool with their eyes firmly fixated on the prize

If you're an owner of a ball-loving dog, you will know what lengths your pet will go to to retrieve one that's been thrown for them

Two can play at that game: It's double trouble as this pair both go for the ball as it bounces into the pool

The real doggy paddle: The look on this pet's face is one of pure determination as it reaches out for the ball with his paws

Taking the photographs underwater, the artist has managed to capture images that will keep a smile on your face all year round

Underwater Dogs Calendar 2013

Eye on the ball: This dog means business as he dives head first into the water after the toy

Making a splash: These dogs will stop at nothing in pursuit of their beloved ball - and photographer Seth Casteel was on hand to capture these hilarious moments

Some of them bare their teeth, others open their eyes as wide as possible while one or two get caught up in a frenzy of bubbles.These images are the handiwork of photographer Seth Casteel, who has captured the moment the water dogs take the plunge.Seth has turned the incredible photographs into a heart-warming calendar available from, sure to keep a smile on your face all year round.

Based in Los Angeles and Chicago, Seth’s photography agency specialises in lifestyle pet photography, embracing the ‘at-ease’ mentality of pets on location in the natural surroundings.He enjoys working with animals whether he’s on location in Beverly Hills photographing a pampered pooch or volunteering at the local shelter taking pictures of dogs and cats to give them a better chance of finding homes.


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